Creative Work of the Week: Pizza Hut lights its spokesperson’s pants on fire when he tells lies

Parker J Patterson is smooth under fire, pulling off a seamless promotion of Pizza Hut’s discount menu while wearing a flaming pair of pants.

The brand ambassador dons the ‘pants of truth’, which light on fire when he tells a lie and extinguish when he tells the truth about Pizza Hut deals as part of the chain’s ‘£5 Favourites Menu’.

He opens with the statement “professional footballers are underpaid,” to display that his trousers do actually burst into flames with a lie. He then says, “Pizza Hut’s £5 favourites menu offers everyone medium-size pizza and sides for just £5.” His sequined ‘liar liar’ pants stay in one piece, no fire in sight – a truth.

The campaign was created by creative agency, Iris London, and for the agency’s use of an honest spokesperson and its reimagining of a child’s taunt, The Drum’s readers voted the ad the Creative Work of the Week.

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