Ads We Like: Sloggi enlists Nothing Hill carnival's 'Dancing Granny' to mark 40th anniversary

Underwear brand Sloggi has recruited Colette Zacca, who shot to fame after her Notting Hill carnival dance moves went viral last month, to front a campaign celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The ad features Zacca dancing along to an updated version of 90s hit ‘Baby Got Back’ to mark the revamp of the brand’s bestselling ‘79’ Maxi Cut underwear. The OAP also raps about why being comfortable is the new cool.

Promoting the ad, Zacca said: “I’m still in denial that this is all happening, and that so many people have seen my dance moves. After two hip replacements, I never thought I’d dance again, let alone be signed by Sloggi.

“The brand has been a joy to work with, and I’m really proud of the work we’re making. I’ve always loved dancing so the whole experience has been incredible. It took me a while to gain the confidence I have now, so I hope the campaign inspires others to feel the same – just confident, comfortable and happy with their bodies, in their own skin.”

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